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As World Housing Ambassador, Dye & Durham is helping end global housing insecurity and homelessness

Did you know that Dye & Durham is a proud partner of World Housing, a Vancouver, B.C.-based non-profit that provides homes for families living with homelessness or housing insecurity in the developing world or in at-risk communities right here at home?

Perhaps you did. But did you also know that we’re stepping up our partnership commitment this year and beyond, as Dye & Durham enhances and expands our ESG initiatives to keep pace with our growing commercial footprint?

Since 2019, Dye & Durham has served as a World Housing Ambassador. We’re part of a network of like-minded organizations and individuals who believe in ‘housing first’ and building communities founded on the three pillars of sustainable change: safe housing, health and education. In 2022, we’ll contribute a further $200,000 to build 23 homes that will house another 115 people in the Oguis neighbourhood of Danao, the Philippines and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

To date, Dye & Durham has raised $80,000 to help build homes in three communities across the globe:

  • The world’s first 3D-printed community in Tabasco, Mexico, built in 2020
  • The Girls to Grannies Village, a 50-home community for women and girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, also built in 2020
  • The Women & Families Centre, a 36-unit supportive housing community in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side completed in December 2021

“By pledging donations from our commercial transactions to fund these innovative community-building opportunities on a global scale, we ensure that everyone within our organization and throughout our network has an elevated part to play in gifting homes to those with the most need,” says our CEO Matthew Proud.

Since 2013, World Housing has built more than 850 homes and housed more than 4,200 people in Cambodia, the Philippines, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico and here in Canada. By leveraging new technologies and innovative funding opportunities, World Housing ensures it’s building homes in communities where the organization can make the most impact in the global effort to end homelessness.

“World Housing’s mission is to provide solutions to housing insecurity and homelessness, and to build safe and supportive housing for the world’s poorest people, which we share with our Ambassador community,” says Don McQuaid, Managing Director of World Housing. “Together, we’re aligned on the belief that housing security provides the foundation for social change.”