Introducing emarket

Our legal software automates workflow & streamlines access to public records for professionals

Since 1874, Dye & Durham has been providing customers with industry-leading solutions. Today we are a legal technology company and Canada’s leading provider of solutions for professionals to conduct due diligence, electronically generate documents required to complete legal processes, and facilitates online filing of routine transactions. We provide our large blue-chip client base of over 5,000 customers with intelligent workflow for improved throughput as they process transactions that range from large multinational mergers and acquisitions to buying and selling real estate or leasing an automobile. Our technology improves productivity and maximizes efficiency for millions of transactions, all of which are an essential component in today’s transactional economy.

Introducing emarket, Dye & Durham's single cloud-based gateway, our complete all-in-one solution for professionals looking for significant time savings, efficiency, superior work flow process management, and the ability to improve their end-customer service levels. There's no installation, no downloading, no contracts. It's just pay as you go. Our platform is always up to date and our in-house subject matter experts are always available to help you complete a transaction.

Legal Professionals

Financial Institutions

Government Agencies

Business Law Solutions

In today’s competitive environment, having real-time access to data is an essential business requirement. e-market provides professionals working on business transactions with access to the largest depth and breadth of Public Records Data for due diligence, entity formation and maintenance needs. Additionally, Dye & Durham offers a whole range of innovative derivative products that make your job easier, such as PPSA and due diligence summaries, which provide significant time savings. And, of course, our work is always backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Business Law Solutions include:
•Due Diligence
•Debt Security
•Secured Creditor registration for interest in property

Real Estate Solutions

Dye & Durham, a pioneer in its field and its proprietary web-based conveyancing software solution econveyance™, has simplified and expedited the process of buying and selling real estate by connecting participants in the property transfer process and offering a secure and efficient means of completing a transaction online.

Our Real Estate law Solutions include:
•Due Diligence
•Mortgage Documents
•Document Preparation
•Title Insurance
•Closing Calculations
•Electronic Filing

Real Estate Conveyancing

Corporate Records Management

Wills & Estates

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Dye & Durham is built on years of experience providing best in class services for mergers and acquisitions – over 140 years to be exact. And throughout those years, we’ve led the way in transforming difficult business dealings into simple working solutions. This is a tradition we still continue to this day by offering easy-to-use legal web applications and unrivaled services for legal professionals and businesses across Canada and the UK.