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After years of being at the forefront of legal software development, Dye & Durham and econveyance have come together to combine the world’s best legal web applications into one easy-to-use suite. Introducing emarket, your complete legal software solution for everything from conveyancing to corporate management to wills and probate and more. Click the links below to learn more about how the emarket suite can put you ahead of the curve.

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Dye & Durham offers the most comprehensive services and web applications in Canada and the UK. Whether you need a due diligence request or a corporate registry filing, we provide the most efficient solution for everyone from legal professionals to national governments. Find out how we can help your business, big or small, today.

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Dye & Durham is built on years of experience providing best in class services for mergers and acquisitions – over 140 years to be exact. And throughout those years, we’ve led the way in transforming difficult business dealings into simple working solutions. This is a tradition we still continue to this day by offering easy-to-use legal web applications and unrivaled services for legal professionals and businesses across Canada and the UK.

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