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The BC Notaries Association’s partnership with Dye & Durham equips its members with the right tools to serve their clients now and in the future

Last July, the BC Notaries Association signed a 10-year sponsorship agreement with Dye & Durham, the leading provider of cloud-based software and technology for legal professionals. The agreement extends a long-term and beneficial relationship that first began in 2013.

The agreement reinforces Dye & Durham’s long-term support of the Association’s mission to advocate, educate, promote, and support notaries throughout British Columbia. Dye & Durham will also continue to proudly sponsor the annual BC Notaries conference and host professional development and training sessions throughout the year.

“BC Notaries have played a vital role in Dye & Durham’s success as a legal solutions provider, and we continue to invest in features and enhancements to support the Notaries critical role in real estate transactions, which are fast becoming the province’s largest economic driver,” says Dennis Barnhart, President of Canadian Operations at Dye & Durham. “Our continuing partnership with the BC Notaries Association will advance its advocacy and educational programs, including by providing use of our platform to new graduates, ensuring our software will serve the next generation of the province’s legal professionals.”

Since going public in July 2020, Dye & Durham has made significant investments to innovate, build and acquire new features, capabilities and integrations that enhance its global software platform.

Dye & Durham’s commitment to BC’s legal professionals will be further strengthened in the coming year with the introduction of Unity, the most advanced real estate conveyancing software in the world. Through Unity, the company will ensure legal professionals remain at the core of every real estate transaction by enhancing their practice and helping them provide the best possible conveyancing experience for their clients as they make the most significant purchase of their lives.

“As the professional association representing British Columbia Notaries who provide a range of services on non-contentious legal matters, the Association is committed to educating our members about the latest tools and resources to serve their clients’ needs,” says Chad Rintoul, CEO at BCNA. “By continuing our very positive relationship with Dye & Durham, the Association will further enhance our member-focused advocacy, educational and promotional offerings to BC Notaries, ensuring they continue to serve the British Columbians’ to the highest possible standard.”