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Register business names, sole proprietorships, general partnerships and trade names efficiently and easily using Dye & Durham’s easy to use, robust online Platform which provides a single access point to a suite of business registration services.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Register with confidence

Intuitive Platform validates data and ensures your registrations are compliant.

Real-time confirmations

Receive real-time confirmations and verifications upon successful filing.

Easily organize records

Easily organize registrations and amendments for corporate compliance.


  • One-stop solution – Access to a single interface for all components of a corporation’s lifecycle.
  • Forms & templates – Access all precedents, forms and filings and other documents from one place, ensuring time-savings and reduced data entry.
  • Electronic minute book – Easily organize all registration and amendment documentation for corporate compliance.

Dye & Durham supports the following:

Business registrations

Our automated solution offers efficient and easy registrations of sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships and extra-provincial business names. Upon verification of successful registration from the government office, the proof of registration will also form part of the minute book.

Business amendments

Post business formation, there may be amendments, renewals and discharges that need to take place in order to keep the business information up to date. Dye & Durham automates the process of registering these amendments ensuring corporate compliance. Once filed, the amendments become part of the minute book and corporate records.

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