Due Diligence

Dye & Durham’s due diligence solutions help you obtain crucial information about corporations, businesses and individuals. You can conduct due diligence searches for all your daily transactions ranging from mergers and acquisitions to financing of all sizes.

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Real Estate Searches

Complete your property due diligence searches using Dye & Durham’s cloud-based Platform to access registry and land title systems. Determine the status and nature of a company’s title to real property and whether there are any encumbrances, mortgages, or other changes registered against a real property.

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PPSA Searches

Search under the Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) to determine whether a corporation or individual has debt obligations. Searches span various property registry systems and indicate whether the personal property of a corporation, business or individual is encumbered or subject to the security interests of secured creditors.

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Corporate & Business Name Information

Search for corporate and business name information on the largest network of public registries. These searches form an integral part of due diligence that is conducted as part of the closing process and clearly identifies all parties related to a transaction.

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Litigation & Court Searches

Conduct quick and accurate litigation searches that are critical to the discovery process of any transaction. Dye & Durham’s unified technology Platform connects businesses and law firms with every court across any jurisdiction.

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Other Due Diligence Searches

Conduct additional due diligence searches to reduce the number of unidentified facts, get insights on matters that will have to be dealt with prior to closing and determine the nature and extent of evaluation required.

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