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Dye & Durham and DealMaker Announce a Collaborative Effort to Accelerate Innovation in the Practice of Law

Dye & Durham and DealMaker are pleased to announce a new collaborative effort to accelerate innovation in the practice of law.

Dye & Durham is a one-stop legal gateway to public records data used by over 5,000 law firms and financial institutions in Canada and the United Kingdom. Its software is an essential service for professionals looking to automate workflows and streamline due diligence searches, document creation and online electronic records filings. Dye & Durham has paid careful attention to the changing needs of the legal industry and today the company is focused on continued growth through a combination of product development, cross-selling and strategic acquisitions.

DealMaker is a revolutionary software designed to eliminate friction in capital markets transactions. Used by lawyers, brokers, companies and investors to automate the circulation and tracking of transactional documents, DealMaker removes the pain from closing financing transactions. With DealMaker, lawyers can focus on providing advice and expertise, leveraging software to track transaction data and signatures.

Both DealMaker and Dye & Durham recognize the need to provide lawyers and financial players with tools to improve client experience, accelerate completion of transactions, improve data verification and know your customer (KYC) validation, PPSA lien management, organize communications, and increase transparency. In addressing these needs with tailor-made, simplified solutions, Dye & Durham and DealMaker are excited to play a key role in transforming markets, together.

About Dye & Durham

Dye & Durham Corporation is a leading developer of software and technology solutions designed to maximize efficiency and increase productivity for legal and business professionals. With a commitment to innovation, the company has grown to 200 employees in Canada and the United Kingdom and serves blue chip customers including many of Canada’s largest legal firms, financial institutions, and government organizations. Dye & Durham’s Chief Executive Officer, Matt Proud, was recognized as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40® honorees for 2018.

About DealMaker

Used and trusted by some of the world’s leading law firms and companies, DealMaker™ is a cloud-based software deployed across multiple facets of capital markets transactions. Built independently by corporate and securities lawyers, DealMaker is currently in active use in Canada’s primary capital markets jurisdictions.
For further information contact:
Dye & Durham | Jeff Corcoran, Vice President Marketing, +1 416.640.7100 ext.3472