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Real Estate: Conveyancing

Amy Dawson is a real estate conveyancer at Bell Alliance LLP. She works with a large team and it is difficult to ensure that they all have current information for every file. econveyance helps the real estate team at Bell Alliance stay well-informed no matter where they are.

Amy has been a real estate conveyancer for 15 years. She worked on many different conveyancing software programs, but none provided the ‘anywhere’ flexibility for real time information. With over 20 team members at Bell Alliance working on files together, they need a solution that prevents errors or duplication of work and allows them to provide great customer service to their clients.

They require current file status and information, the ability to track ongoing client instructions as the files progress and a method of confirming the completion of tasks. Without real time information, they risk misinforming the client or mismanaging the file.

econveyance encourages team work. It allows everyone to see the entire file including notes, in real time and from anywhere. Amy says her workflow “would be horrible” without the software, “econveyance is 100 times better than all other options.” She feels so strongly about its efficiencies that she will only work at a firm that uses econveyance.

Amy especially loves that econveyance only requires data input once. She customizes her documents and they are also easy to change or modify. She imports data from title searches and applies the details to file documents without typing it out. This accuracy means that she spends less time reviewing documents after they are generated. She says, “once the documents are generated, I’m confident in their content.”

Amy relies on the software to implement legislative changes fast. For example, when Vancouver implemented the empty homes tax, econveyance updated any relevant documents and calculations ‘super quick’, she says.

Whenever Amy needs support, she calls the very helpful desk and speaks with real estate conveyancers who understand her difficulties and the urgency of her situation. Their knowledge of both the software and the legal process minimizes her downtime and keeps her productive. Amy says that no other conveyancing software provides this level of customer support. She noted her past frustrations when calling general help numbers and speaking with people acquainted with the software but unfamiliar with the process. She says that most issues are resolved in the same day.

Although Amy is very experienced in conveyancing, she notes that the software has an intuitive workflow that makes her work easier. As she follows the workflow tabs, the program presents options to her that she thinks would help junior conveyancers to learn more quickly.

Bell Alliance LLP is a paperless office and does not have filing cabinets or boxes of documents anywhere. The workflow provided in econveyance allows them to work without paper. Amy says, “the only time we use paper on a transaction is when we provide original signatures on documents to the lender, otherwise, we send electronic documents.” That happens only once per file. Digital documentation eliminates the need for paper management.

Web-based cloud provides ‘work anywhere anytime’ flexibility.

econveyance’s web-based cloud solution allows Amy Dawson to work remotely several days per week. Amy says she “would not be able to work as productively and remotely with any other conveyancing software.” She likes that she is able to login to her files from anywhere at any time, but so are each of her team members. It is easy to help each other out because they all have real time access to information in the file. Information is stored in the cloud so she can access everything remotely without worrying about which computer something is stored on. Any new work created outside the office is automatically updated to the cloud file right away, keeping her colleagues in the office well informed. With commute times to Vancouver creeping up to 2 hours one way, this gives Amy better productivity.

Amy notes an instance when she was on vacation near a lake when an urgent matter emerged on one of her files. With econveyance, she logged in on her phone, generated a new document and sent it to a printer in the office, without leaving her destination.

The team loves that econveyance is compatible with all browsers and mobile phones, as it keeps them industrious.