Frank Kaplan, Kaplan & Waddell

With econveyance, The Firm Has A Much Improved Workflow. Thanks to the implementation of econveyance in our office we have reduced the amount of paper required in our residential mortgage and conveyance files by 60%. The training provided and the ongoing customer service and support received by my staff has been exceptional. We required a large volume of document customization which has been provided in a timely and efficient manner. The bottom line is the transition to econveyance was very smooth, our staff members are happy and the firm has a much improved workflow that has saved time and increased productivity.

Shelley Holden, Krushel Farrington

Very helpful desk. I am an experienced conveyancer who struggles with the many technology changes I have to face. I gave LDD a try and found that it wasn’t exactly user friendly – specifically, the title search import was cumbersome. I eventually stopped using LDD because it wouldn’t work on my computer and it wasn’t worth the effort to figure out what the problem was. Since switching to econveyance I have realized that there is an effective, user friendly system out there. The ladies at the Very Helpful desk are wonderful, the title import process is streamlined and the libraries are up to date and painless to use. I’m glad I gave econveyance a shot, I love it and I want everyone to give it a try too!

Janice Singh, Buckley Hogan

We Save A Lot Of Time. We all really enjoy using econveyance. We save a lot of time generating the documents and we get faster and faster as we do more files. That’s the fun part – you get to challenge yourself! This is a great program and everyone should be using it.

Richard Bell, Bell Alliance

The Customer Support Is Tremendous! We are a user of econveyance and are very pleased with the program. The customer support is tremendous. We are also very pleased with their timely response to our requests for customized documents. We really view Dye & Durham as a strategic partner who is assisting us in the use of technology to support our client focused real estate practice. We look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship with Dye & Durham.

Anna Neilson, Dobko & Wheaton

Definitely worth switching to econveyance! I was initially interested in econveyance because of the Connections feature. Having the ability to share common information on a file is a huge advantage. The implementation and training I received from econveyance was excellent, it made changing programs easy. Once I started using econveyance I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the title search and encumbrances were compared to LDD; who I used previously. I have only dealt with the Very Helpful Desk a few times but when I did they were very quick and helpful. So far I am very happy with econveyance!

Laura Lang, Siebenga King

Support Staff Has Been Quick To Respond – Now that I am comfortable with the econveyance program, I am seeing the time savings benefit in my own day. I spend less time entering data and more time attending to the details of the file and the management of the office. The team of support staff has been quick to respond to all our questions. The support staff treat each call with the utmost importance and never make me feel rushed or a bother to them. They always take the time to explain and walk me through the task at hand. I appreciate the knowledge of the staff and how willing they are to share their knowledge with us. Looking back, training and implementing all in one week was successful due to the willingness of all parties to make it work.

Devlyn Winchester, Goluboff & Mazzei

I have been very satisfied with my experience with econveyance. The customer support team is excellent and their dedication in keeping all documents current and updated has made my job a lot easier. Without hesitation, I would recommend this software to anyone.

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