UCC Registrations

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Protect your security interest against third parties in the U.S. by registering your financing statement in accordance with the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code).

Dye & Durham’s online process enables you to register, continue, amend, release or terminate your financing statements in any of the 50 states.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Register with confidence

Intuitive Platform validates data and ensures your registrations are compliant.

Real-time confirmations

Receive real-time confirmations and verifications upon successful filing.

Easily organize records

Easily organize registrations and amendments for corporate compliance.

UCC filings that Dye & Durham supports include:

Initial filing / initial financing statement – The original filing which establishes a legal notice that the secured party has a legally protected interest in the personal property of the debtor.
Amendment – Amend your UCC registration. Typical amendments include:

  • A continuation of the lien
  • A partial release of collateral
  • An assignment of a secured party’s rights
  • A termination

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