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Complete your real property due diligence searches using Dye & Durham’s cloud-based Platform

Determine the status and nature of title to real property and whether there are any ground or environmental issues, encumbrances, mortgages, or other changes registered. Access an extensive network of property related information services data, that will allow you to be accurate and informed for every conveyancing transaction. Integrated with industry leading case management systems and data providers to ensure a seamless workflow in your conveyancing transactions.

England & Wales

Dye & Durham is the largest provider of real property information services in England & Wales. Our cloud-based Platform provides access to an extensive network of data, which includes critical information related to environmental & flood, local authority (land charges, planning, etc.), drainage and water, mining and substance, chancel liabilities, and much more. Perform CQS standard searches, access Law Society forms, and integrate with HMRC and HMLR through a single Platform.

End to end Platform

Our Platform covers all aspects of any conveyancing transaction. Including search ordering, automated post-completion activities (SDLT and HMLR document registration), estimate management, workflow, and document generation.

Extensive reach

With access to hundreds of information service databases from one Platform, including HMRC, HMLR and LLC. We provide reports that fit the requirements of any transaction.

Minimal data-entry

Our workflow software intuitively reduces repetitive entries with importable search results that ensure data accuracy and time-saving.

Accurate data

We work with leading data suppliers to ensure you get the most accurate information available.

Always up to date

Our customer service team will keep you informed and up to date so you can manage the expectations of your client. All orders can be tracked online through our Platform with your clients' access to milestone updated in the transaction.

Save time and resources

Our state of the art cloud-based Platform includes flexible workflows – saving you precious time on every task. Place and manage all of your orders on one Platform. It’s straightforward and we can even tailor it to your needs.

Cloud-based Conveyancing Searches – England & Wales

Local Searches – We offer the flexibility of ordering regulated searches or council searches. All carry our respective badges of approval, quality and efficient delivery.

Environmental & Flood – From contaminated land, flooding and ground stability. We deliver a full range of environmental reports from all the leading providers so your clients have a full picture of their purchase.

Drainage and Water – A must-have on all transactions. We highlight how water is carried to and from the property as well as who is responsible for maintenance. We also offer regulated searches alongside those provided by the water authority.

Mining and Subsidence – The British landscape has a long history of mining for naturally occurring minerals including coal, tin and limestone. We offer a range of mining reports tailored to the area of purchase.

Energy & Infrastructure – The UK Government continues to develop infrastructure, invest in alternative energy sources, and improve travel networks to cope with an ever-growing population. Ensure your clients are aware of any potential issues caused by these changes to the UK landscape.

Risk Management and Compliance – You have a duty of care towards your clients to ensure that they are protected throughout the transaction. We provide risk management products such as Lawyer Checker to safeguard their funds, protect your reputation, and provide peace of mind.

Chancel – Chancel Repair Liability affects property owners in some parishes in England and Wales. In medieval times landowners and parishioners were required to fund repairs to their local church. This potential liability still applies today and can be investigated with a Chancel Search.

Planning – Knowing the latest planning information before your client purchases is key. We provide reports and insight to support your client in understanding any local planning changes.

Our UK Partners

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Dye & Durham has a growing portfolio of businesses in the UK:

Republic of Ireland

Dye & Durham provides full access to all the necessary information services, which allow you to complete full property due-diligence on even the most complex and demanding search requisitions.

Dye & Durham has a growing portfolio of businesses in the Republic of Ireland:

Brady & Co. – Law Searchers

Brady & Co. are leaders in the specialist fields of law searching. Over the years Brady & Co. has provided the searches for some of the largest property and commercial transactions and counts many of the major Irish firms of solicitors among its customers. We accept instructions by phone, email, or using our online search platform. Our knowledgeable administrative team are on hand to discuss and advise on your particular requirements.

Fast Accurate Searches

Our experienced team of searchers attend all relevant repositories on a daily basis to ensure closing searches are completed in a timely manner. Over the years we have built up an extremely good working relationship with Officials in each repository enabling us to efficiently deal with queries or out of the ordinary requests. We frequently manage and deliver search requests for large portfolios of properties. We can report, collate and have your search results in front of you within a few hours of your requisition.

Brennans Law Searchers – since 1881

Brennans Law Searchers has been servicing clients in Ireland and England since 1881 and as such is the oldest law search company in Ireland.

Our staff include searchers who have unparalleled experience in all aspects of Law Searching.

We offer a range of services, from company reports to director enquiries to property searches for title and planning/mapping.

Hibernian Legal

Hibernian Legal (International) Limited is a full-service town agency and law searching firm. Established in 1982, we are recognised as a market leader in legal support services both in Ireland and internationally. Our clients include law firms, financial institutions, state bodies and in-house legal departments.

Typical searches carried out on a daily basis in our Republic of Ireland offices, include:

  • Registry of Deeds and Land Registry to ascertain legal ownership, current mortgages, charges and other encumbrances affecting the property
  • Judgment, Bankruptcy, Personal Insolvency, Sheriff and Receiver of Fines to disclose the possible registration of money judgments, personal insolvency, outstanding revenue certificates and/or fines against a particular individual or company
  • CRO to establish current status and possible winding up notification
  • Planning to typically show details of all planning applications and permissions granted and/or refused, details of all enforcement proceedings taken or other notices served under the planning acts, zoning of the area in which the property is located, any road schemes, compulsory purchase orders and whether the property is a protected structure and/or declared to be an area of specific designation under the planning acts.It is our priority at all times to ensure clarity in respect of our planning search service. To this end, it is our practice to expressly state on our planning search report all the types of particulars which were checked in carrying out our search.


Search land in the Land Titles and Registry systems across Canada. Determine ownership of land and identify encumbrances registered on title and other critical information.

Cloud-based Conveyancing Searches – Canada

Off-Title searches – Obtain off-title searches and access records from various government and local registries, including:

  • Tax certificates
  • Unregistered hydro easements
  • Zoning
  • Building Code
  • Crown patents
  • Environmental searches
  • Cemeteries and burial lands
  • Fire department compliance records.

Dye & Durham has an established portfolio of businesses in Canada:


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