Real Estate Searches

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Perform due diligence real estate searches using Dye & Durham’s technology Platform to access registry and land title systems.

Determine the status and nature of a company’s title to real property and whether there are any encumbrances, mortgages, or other changes registered against a real property.

Through a single point of access to land registry systems you can order searches, view the status of your work orders, and have your reports delivered back to you online.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Save time and resources

Place and manage your orders on one platform.

Extensive reach

Locate land without traveling to multiple land registry offices.

Minimal data-entry

Reduce repetitive entries with importable search results.


  • One-stop-shop platform – Place and track orders, load results, and access historical searches 24/7.
  • Comprehensive real estate search coverage – Locate difficult parcels of land using sketches, maps or photos.
  • Downloadable search results – Download results in a sharable zip file.

Dye & Durham offers the following real estate searches:

Land Title search – Obtain a document that includes a property’s legal description and a list of documents
registered on land including transfers/deed, charges/mortgages, liens and easements.

Off Title searches – Obtain off title searches and access records from various government & local
registries including:

  • Tax certificates
  • Unregistered hydro easements
  • Cemeteries and burial lands
  • Building zoning
  • First Nations land
  • Crown patents
  • Environmental searches
  • Fire department compliance records

Conveyancing searches – Search various authorities that hold information about real property, the land
it sits on or factors that may directly (or indirectly) affect it and includes:

  • Local authority searches
  • Drainage & water reports
  • Environmental reports
  • Chancel reports
  • Company searches
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) searches
  • Land registry searches and application
  • Planning reports
  • Mining reports
  • Utility reports
  • Electronic report on title
  • Legal indemnity insurance (Index Insure)

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