Name Searching

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Perform searches using the most comprehensive name search Platform available to law firms and legal professionals.

Dye & Durham’s online solution offers advanced functionality and intelligent features so you can get the information you need, quickly and accurately.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Save time with smart search

Conduct name searches efficiently using our technology-enabled search engine and save time.

Quickly verify availability

Verify whether a name is available, has been registered or otherwise utilized.

Easily reserve names online

Easily reserve potential business names to ensure availability when you’re ready to register.


  • Name search reports – Access detailed reports that summarize the results of name searches.
  • “Name In Use” report – This proprietary report by Dye & Durham provides information on name usage by indicating where the name is being used and in which area of business.
  • Web domain name options – Review a list of available website domain names associated to your chosen business names.
  • Intelligent search functionality – The Platform contains built-in intelligent word pattern association for identifying possibly confusing terms.

Dye & Durham offers the following solutions:

  • NUANS and Provincial Name Search
  • Name Reservations

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