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Streamline your Mortgage Administration with Dye & Durham’s paperless mortgage discharge service.

Providing efficient turnaround is essential for long-term client retention. Dye & Durham’s online mortgage discharge solution (Atsource) allows Financial Institutions to easily facilitate payout requests, funds transfers, and mortgage discharge registrations.

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Payout Management

Online validated payout requests, instant payout updates and detailed graphical tracking systems.

Electronic Funds transfer

Financial Institutions can provide Legal professionals the convenience of same-day Pre-Authorized Debit for the outstanding mortgage balance.

Mortgage Discharge registration

The Atsource service prepares and registers the mortgage discharges nationwide on your behalf.

The Atsource service suite maximizes efficiency among your staff with the following features:

  • Dashboard – The robust online dashboard serves as the nexus for managing mortgage discharge operations – tracking volumes, response times, exceptions, and more.
  • Notifications – Receive notices and reminders of payout requests, deadlines, and other time-sensitive events.
  • Customizable workflows – The Atsource technology framework is readily customizable to meet the approval, communication, and documentation requirements of your financial institution.

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