Litigation & Court Searches

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Conduct quick and accurate litigation searches that are critical to the discovery process of any transaction.

Dye & Durham’s unified technology Platform connects businesses and law firms with every court across any jurisdiction.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Fully web-based solution

Use our powerful online Platform to submit and receive all searches.

Accurate & timely reporting

Get real-time and accurate status updates for your searches.

Extensive reach

Access all courts for complete and comprehensive searches.


  • Online order tracking – Submit and track your orders online 24/7.
  • Digital results – Receive digitized search results and get email alerts when the searches are complete.
  • Comprehensive search – Access and search all levels of courts or tribunals.

Using Dye & Durham’s online litigation solutions, you can conduct:

  • Litigation searches — Individual and company names for any jurisdiction
  • Bankruptcy searches

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