Lien Management

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Perfect your liens quickly and with confidence. Optimize your lending process and efficiently manage your portfolio through Dye & Durham’s Platform.

With our comprehensive system integrations, you can search, file new registrations, renewals and amendments and discharge liens directly from your internal applications.

Qualify and perfect your liens quickly and with confidence. Optimize your lending process by getting access to data from PPSA registries instantly and efficiently. You can search, register, renew, amend and discharge liens with ease.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Manage and monitor liens

Easily manage and monitor liens on an ongoing basis throughout the lifecycle of your client relationship.

Flexible technology options

Access our public records sources through APIs or by directly using to our web-based application.

Save time & resources

Cut down on search times with real-time digitized, downloadable reports.

Dye & Durham can connect you with Canada-wide PPSA registries in ways that will work best for your business:

  • Direct integration with your internal applications – Through system integrations, you can access the PPSA registries without leaving your current systems or workflows. Get the benefits of real-time data access and reliable results without changing applications.
  • Access to Dye & Durham’s leading-edge Platform – Our industry leading web application provides intuitive features and user functionality that is unmatched in Canada.

PPSA Search

Automate PPSA searches across Canada to understand the secured interests on individual and business assets. Determine:

  • Borrower name and address
  • Secured debtors and registration dates
  • General and serial collateral applicable to the lien
  • Lien expiration dates

Dye & Durham’s proprietary real-time Platform summarizes all your PPSA search results into one concise, comprehensive document. This report provides you with details about jurisdiction, statute and office searched, debtor and secured party information, general collateral, motor vehicle details and any amendments.

PPSA Registration

Easily register and manage liens with Dye & Durham’s advanced automation and functionality for PPSA registrations.

Helpful features include:

  • Lien expiry reports
  • Auto-fill capabilities
  • Bulk registrations
  • Quick renewal, discharge and multi-jurisdiction registrations
  • Jurisdiction-based field validations

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