Incorporation and Organizational Proceedings

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Incorporate entities, file initial returns, adopt by-laws, appoint directors and officers, and more.

Dye & Durham’s solution is the industry leading Platform where corporate entity documents are created, verified and submitted to a wide range of corporate registries. You can manage all your filings and documents online. Our Platform helps automate and streamline the process every step of the way.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Easily generate and file documents

Setup and manage documents easily through the Platform’s intuitive portal.

Manage filings with confidence

Receive reminders and instant confirmations for your entity’s filings, so you can be confident in your work.

Access from anywhere

Access our Platform from anywhere with an Internet connection.


  • Precedent library – Manage precedents for incorporation and organization resolutions, by-laws, annual proceedings/minutes, registers & ledgers, etc.
  • Electronic minute books – Get easy access to electronic minute books with all relevant corporate data including by-laws, resolutions, share certificates, declarations, etc.
  • Data validation – Enjoy peace of mind with our automated data validation process, which takes place at the time of entry, ensuring registrations are error-free.
  • Automated reminders – Set-up and receive automated reminders for your annual filings, ensuring compliance for your corporate entities.

Dye & Durham supports the following proceedings:

Article filings
Using Dye & Durham’s online incorporation solution, you can file Articles of Incorporation to the appropriate government registry. With our system, your application is received by the Ministry in seconds, and your Certificate of Incorporation will become available within minutes of filing.

Extra-provincial registrations
Dye & Durham can help you register your company extra-provincially in the provinces you plan to conduct business in. Through our single intuitive online Platform, you can send articles, declarations or any other documents for quick verification and registration with the corresponding jurisdictional registry.

Not-for-profit corporation registrations
Dye & Durham’s technology-based Platform can help you conduct a name check, prepare the constituting documents and any additional forms in order to successfully register your not-for-profit company. Dye & Durham provides support in registering not-for-profit corporations such as associations, clubs, charities or volunteer organizations.

Shelf companies
Through Dye & Durham, you can order shelf companies that are available for instant purchase to speed up the incorporation process. Shelf companies registered by Dye & Durham are numbered companies and can be changed into named companies by filing Articles of Amendment along with a name search report. Dye & Durham can also complete all necessary documentation in order to replace the pre-set director and officer information with the new director(s) and officer(s).

Organizational proceedings
Dye & Durham’s Platform has tools that will automate processes so you can draft, generate and assemble all forms and documents that relate to corporate structure and governance. Keep your minute books up to date with required documents.

Examples of corporate documentation include:

  • By-laws
  • Share certificates
  • Shareholders’ ledgers
  • Resolutions
  • Corporate summary
  • Directors, shareholders and officers’ registers
  • Directors, shareholders and officers’ resolutions
  • Share issuances and transfers
  • Declaration of registration or initial declaration

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