Financial Risk Management

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Escalate your due diligence based on deal or client risk size.

Through Dye & Durham’s trusted Platform, you can perform detailed public records searches for deeper investigation into a client’s financial history.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Save time and resources

Powerful automations and integrations help you save time and resources.

Extensive coverage

Connect from a single portal to the most extensive network of corporate public registries.

Flexible technology options

Access our public records sources through APIs or by directly using our web-based application.

Conduct the following types of investigative searches:

Land title search

Property constitutes both the largest asset and outstanding debt for most Canadians. Our land title search services help you understand the following:

  • Ownership confirmation, names of co-owners and the ownership structure
  • Mortgages, lines of credit and liens registered against the property
  • Sale dates and amounts
  • Other rights or restrictions applicable to the property.

Insolvency (bankruptcy) search

Prior to lending substantial sums to an individual or business, it is important to understand their current status and history of solvency. Our bankruptcy search feature lets you quickly determine whether a corporation, business or individual is (or has been) bankrupt, or whether an assignment, proposal to creditors, or receiving order has been made against the business or individual.

Bank Act search

Bank Act searches perform a similar function as PPSA searches. Our services help you determine whether any banks have taken a security interest in the inventory and/or equipment of a corporation, business or individual in the agriculture, forestry, mining, and related industries under the Bank Act (Canada) s.427.

Writ of execution search

Financial court judgements against your client for assets, money or property will result in a writ of execution being issued. Our services will allow you to search for any writs of execution or certificates of lien filed against the real or personal property of a corporation. This search will indicate whether a judgment creditor has filed an execution or writ for an unpaid judgment in the respective sheriff’s office.

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