Electronic Minute Books

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Manage and maintain all corporate records for your entities with Dye & Durham’s electronic minute books software.

A single web portal allows you to seamlessly assemble documents, file records online, and maintain records for effective corporate governance.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

No missed filings

No late annual returns or unplanned registry expenses due to missed resolutions.

Customizable precedents

Fully customizable forms and precedents for all your corporate filing needs.

Grow your business

Leverage your client data and leading-edge technology to provide better value to your clients and to grow your book of business.

Our electronic minute book software features simple and intuitive functionality including:

  • Virtual minute books – Generate and import Charter Documents, By-laws, Resolutions, Share Certificates, Extra Provincial Filings, Agreements and other corporate governance documents and forms easily with electronic minute books. Seamlessly file documents to various corporate registries directly from the software.
  • Annual maintenance wizard – Use the annual maintenance wizard to generate lists of corporations that have annual filing requirements due within certain time durations, such as the next 7, 14, 30, 60 or 90 days. Over 40 different reports help you to manage your workload effectively over the course of the year.
  • Government forms and precedents – Access more than 1,100 up-to-date government forms and schedules – one of the most extensive collection of forms available. You can automatically populate content from your database into these forms for easy drafting and submission.
  • Automatic reminders – Track upcoming deadlines, ongoing tasks, and other key dates to ensure that you never miss an important filing.
  • Industry-leading security – Robust safeguards keep your client data secure, including the use of multiple servers that are housed in the same country as your business, to ensure your data is fail-safe and secure.
  • Integrations – The system is integrated with several registries allowing for direct e-filing of all corporate maintenance documents. The software is also compatible with most billing & trust accounting software applications so you can transfer data ensuring your clients are billed on time for recurring annual payments.

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