Other Due Diligence Searches

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Conduct additional due diligence searches to reduce the number of unidentified facts, get insights on matters that will have to be dealt with prior to closing and determine the nature and extent of evaluation required.

Dye & Durham offers a variety of key searches that are often requested during the due diligence phase of a transaction on a corporation or individual.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Quick & easy review

Review a single summarized search document so you can share and amend to your liking.

Save time and resources

Powerful automations and integrations help you save time and resources.

Extensive reach

Order searches from multiple jurisdictions at once.


  • EDD eSummaryTM report – Receive all your corporate due diligence searches summarized in one concise, comprehensive report.
  • Multiple searches in multiple jurisdictions – In one single order, you can obtain search results from various public records sources.
  • Accounting integration – Ensure full cost recovery through efficient accounting integration.
  • Powerful search functionality – Save post-dated searches, reorder previous searches and order searches in bulk across multiple
    jurisdictions in a single click.
  • Flexibility with file numbers – Ability to change file number after work has been completed.

Dye & Durham offers the following additional due diligence searches:

  • Bank Act (Canada), s. 427
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (Canada)
  • Bulk Sales Act (Ontario only)
  • Execution Act
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act
  • Intellectual Property Searches
  • Asset Searches
  • Address Searches

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