Court Filing

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Use Dye & Durham’s complete court filing solution to file court documents efficiently.

Our Platform offers quick and simple online court filing to all levels of the Judiciary. Submit requests electronically – and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dye & Durham’s web-based Platform can provide the following benefits:

Accuracy & transparency

Track your orders from submission to fulfillment.

Extensive reach

Search all levels of courts with a wide, global network of agents.

Save time & resources

Cut down on search times with digitized, downloadable results.


  • Real-time updates – Get real-time status updates to track your requests 24/7.
  • Electronic 24/7 submission – Upload and submit court documents at any time of day to be filed at any court.
  • Worldwide network – Have your worldwide court searches completed through a reliable network of agents.
  • Error-free filings – Get your filings reviewed against the Rules of Civil Procedure.

Dye & Durham files court documents to every court location.  Examples of court documents that can be submitted electronically for filing/issuance include the following:

  • Jury Notice
  • Notice of Action
  • Notice of Application
  • Statement of Claim
  • Statement of Defence
  • Summons to a Witness
  • Third Party Claim
  • Plaintiff’s Claim

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