Corporate Maintenance

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Keep in good standing and minimize workload with Dye & Durham’s one stop solution that automates all stages of corporate maintenance.

From completing an initial filing to submitting a myriad of annual filing types to providing monitoring services, Dye & Durham helps streamline the process every step of the way.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Easily maintain corporate entities

Setup and manage documents easily through the Platform’s intuitive portal.

Minimal data entry

Auto-populate data into your filings and resolutions to ensure data errors are minimized.

Real-time verification

Receive immediate verifications upon successful filing with corporate registries.


  • One-stop-shop Platform – Access comprehensive coverage of solutions for all stages of corporate maintenance from a single Platform.
  • Data validation – Validate all corporate data to be filed, based on various Acts within the jurisdiction, ensuring your entities are compliant beyond initial registration.

Dye and Durham supports all corporate maintenance requirements, including:

Initial filings
Following company registration, an initial filing is required to be filed with the appropriate government registry. File your information quickly and accurately through our online portal. Once filed, these initial returns will form part of the minute book and corporate record.

Annual filings
Once a company has been formed, annual upkeep/compliance must be done to ensure it’s in good standing with the various government agencies. Mandatory annual return filings are an important part of this annual upkeep. Our Platform streamlines the annual return filings of all Canadian corporations and foreign corporations with a license in any province under the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act.

When certain types of changes occur within your organization, a Notice of Change or amending declaration must be filed with the applicable government office within a certain time after the change(s) take place. Dye & Durham’s Platform makes this notification process easy and hassle free. Once filed with the corporate registry, all notices of change will become part of the electronic minute book.

Monitoring services
Keeping track of corporate filings and changes made to filings, monitoring filing accuracy and mitigating the risk of fraud is challenging to do. To ensure you keep on top of your clients’ corporate records, Dye & Durham offers online monitoring services that automatically notify you of changes made to corporate records or failures/defaults in meeting regulatory compliance. It’s an effortless way to keep track of any changes made by accountants, clerks, clients, or even unauthorized individuals.

Other filings and changes of company records
Dye & Durham’s online Platform allows all types of company records filings. In addition to notices of changes and amending declarations, there are many other organizational changes that take place throughout the lifecycle of a corporation, and those records can be registered quickly and efficiently using our solution. Common organizational changes that Dye & Durham supports include:

  • Name change
  • Change of share structure
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Continuance
  • Extra-provincial license
  • Addition or removal of extra-provincial registration
  • Addition of domain names
  • Change in shareholders
  • Share transfers
  • Articles of Amalgamation
  • Articles of Dissolution
  • Addition or removal of business names
  • Registration of trademarks

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