Corporate & Business Name Information

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Search for corporate and business name information on the largest network of public registries.

These searches form an integral part of due diligence that is conducted as part of the closing process and clearly identifies all parties related to a transaction.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Real-time results

Conduct searches and receive accurate results instantly.

Extensive coverage

Connect from a single portal to the most extensive network of corporate public registries.

Minimal data-entry

Reduce repetitive data entry and improve productivity with our automated workflow engine.


  • Extensive name lookup – Search and find existing corporate and business name registrations.
  • Enhanced search algorithm – Find corporate and business names that closely match your target’s name.
  • Corporate histories and amalgamations chart – Produce a historical chart for an amalgamated corporation with a single click.
  • Intelligent workflow – Leverage search recommendations and shortcuts by deal type for improved productivity.
  • Powerful search functionality – Use advanced search options to simplify your work processes and save time.

Dye & Durham offers the following corporate and business name
information searches:

  • Corporation Profile
  • List of Documents Filed
  • List of Business Names
  • Certificate of Status/Compliance/Attestation
  • Business Names Report
  • List of Documents Filed for Business Names
  • List of Business Names for Partnerships

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