Conveyancing Workflow Software

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Dye & Durham’s residential conveyancing workflow software is designed to manage the entire process of a purchase, sale, and mortgage transaction, through an intuitive and intelligent interface.

With robust integrations to title insurers, lenders, and trust accounting software – the solution helps users save time, reduce errors, and manage the business of real estate law efficiently.

Using our robust and powerful Platform, you can benefit from the following:

Manage your practice

Better manage tasks and keep track of daily operational activities, ensuring your resources are optimized for maximum efficiency.

Manage complex transactions

Easily manage calculations and transactional data such as pro forma calculations, land transfer tax, and other closing adjustments.

Grow your business

Leverage your client data and our leading-edge technology to provide better value to your clients and to grow your book of business.


  • Projects – Technology for Lawyers and Conveyancers to process, manage and track the progress of multi-lot development projects. Learn more
  • Accounting integration – Fully integrated with Dye & Durham’s trust accounting and billing software – means conveyancing users can easily transfer important file data between the two systems. Learn more
  • Document creation – Create documents quickly with our comprehensive library of precedents for all types of conveyancing transactions (purchase, sale, refinance). Precedents and forms are customizable to include specifics based on your firm’s unique workflow, as well as your firm’s brand.
  • Client & file management – All your conveyancing files are structured like a typical real estate transaction, allowing you to easily manage the progress of each file. The file intake process is fully online – allowing you to get a jump-start on your file by having data on intake forms directly imported into your conveyancing file. The files also benefit from a built-in dashboard and calendaring tool.
  • Integrations – Our software can import and export data to many provincial land registries, mortgage lenders, title insurance providers, corporate registries, etc. Once data is imported into the software, it’s available for you to use in any way – without having to retype anything.
  • End-to-end support – Get access to the industry’s best support team for real estate conveyancing. Our team of experienced conveyancing professionals know the ins and outs of the conveyancing workflow process and can guide you on how to get the most out of our conveyancing Platform.
  • Billing & trust accounting – Through integrations with Dye & Durham’s billing & trust accounting software, you have all the features you need to manage your firm’s trust accounting. The accounting functionality can be tied into the conveyancing software to eliminate duplicate data entry and minimize errors when transferring data between the systems.

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