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The ecore web-based application provides accountants the comfort of doing both Federal and Provincial incorporations online, from anywhere.

The platform is intuitive and designed to reduce the time it takes to do paperwork – saving your accounting practice time and effort.

Unlimited Personalized Templates

Create any number of personalized templates that can help you get a jump start on your drafting. The Platform also contains existing templates that you can use.

No Duplicate Data Entry

Enter your information into the Platform only once - and you can easily copy, and reuse the data you need frequently - eliminating any human-errors and saving you time.

All Corporate Filings Available

Apart from Incorporations, you can also file Annual Returns, Notice of Change and various other corporate filings on the Platform.

Need help with Incorporation Services?

Articles of Incorporation – ecore offers a convenient solution to filing your federal Articles of Incorporation online, which means that upon submission, your Articles of Incorporation will be received by and filed with Corporations Canada.

Incorporations and Filings – ecore provides both online real-time and manual filing service for incorporation and corporate filings.

NUANS and Name Searches – ecore offers the convenience of searching business, corporate and trademark names online in real time across the country.

Ontario Articles of Incorporation – Incorporation is the act of creating a company referred to as a corporation that is recognized by the law as its own legal person, including its own rights, liabilities, obligations and taxation requirements.

Securities Filings – Security filings are done to protect creditors from unwanted actions by the debtor, such as selling purchased goods in bulk, relocating goods purchased with credit out of the province in which they were purchased.

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