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Canada’s electronic source for property information

Access Point Information Canada (APIC) supplies essential property related information and electronic services for the Conveyance, Mortgage (lending) and Insurance markets in Canada. It integrates property and business information processes into a single seamless electronic transaction. APIC solutions deliver the best balance of time and money that enhances the profitability of customers.

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Assyst Payment

Make your electronic funds transfers secure. 

Assyst Payment provides financial institutions with robust technology solutions that are designed to streamline processes and help businesses gain a competitive edge in the industry. Our experience and agility are rooted in nearly three decades of close collaboration with Canadian financial Institutions.

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Assyst Real Estate

Simplify the way you process and manage mortgage transactions.

Assyst Real Estate is a mortgage and real estate platform that digitizes all aspects of the mortgage process, including instruction, payout & discharge, and payments. The web-based portal allows lawyers and notaries across Canada to electronically exchange mortgage transactions with financial institutions.

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Mortgage payout exchange & discharge solution

Dye & Durham’s online mortgage discharge solution, Atsource, is a leading provider of innovative SaaS solutions that are reshaping how financial institutions and legal professionals conduct business together. Providing efficient turnaround is essential for long-term client retention, Atsource allows financial institutions to easily facilitate payout requests, funds transfers, and mortgage discharge registration.

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Advanced corporate records management software

Improve office efficiency and productivity with CorpLink, our advanced records management software. Designed by law clerks and lawyers, CorpLink combines sophisticated reporting tools and one of the most comprehensive forms library on the market – all in one easy-to-use software package. It’s all designed to help you quickly, conveniently, and accurately generate billable activities.

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End-to-end court records management

Dockets is a configurable, proven cloud-based software solution that enables lawyers, court staff, and judges among others, to efficiently file and track all court documents electronically. With a focus around seamless communication, video conferencing, and court reporting, the solution is designed around a customizable scheduling and calendaring systems which automatically creates daily Court lists (dockets) and tracks cases from beginning to end.

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Practice made perfect

DoProcess is the #1 provider of practice specific software for law offices in Canada, providing increased efficiency and profitability to over 16,000 practitioners in the areas of real estate, corporate, wills and estate law. As the leading software provider for Canadian legal professionals, we make it our mission to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers through exceptional products, services, ongoing training, and support.

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Real estate conveyancing the easy way

Dye & Durham’s econveyance application simplifies and expedites the process of buying, selling and financing residential real estate by connecting many of the participants in the property transfer process, and offers a secure and efficient means of completing transactions online.

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Canada’s leading technology portal to public records data

Dye & Durham’s ecore application provides a complete all-in-one solution that give users the capability to automate the due diligence process, document creation and electronic records filings for corporations. Automate tedious and repetitive processes so you can work faster and with improved accuracy.

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The all-in-one enterprise level web application trusted by lawfirms and legal professionals across Canada. It is an integral part of emarket by Dye & Durham, the most comprehensive suite of legal web applications in the country. Enjoy the freedom to accurately prepare files in seconds while managing and processing all of your corporate documents through the registry.

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Simplifying law practice management

ESILaw 360 is a practice management and accounting solution. Designed from the ground up to be easy-to-use and productive, ESILaw 360 maximizes efficiency and helps you complete your day to day tasks faster.

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Easy & intuitive estate administration

Estate-a-Base delivers powerful functionality and a streamlined approach to estate management. It automates the Ontario Superior Court Forms, the Estate Information Return, and many other documents, uses advance scheduling to keep you informed of pending action items, and produces an array of reports extending far beyond those mandatory for the passing of accounts.

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When legal professionals need to search for or file registry applications, there’s no better way to get the job done. Avoid lengthy searches and piles of paper work by simply accessing any federal and provincial filings using etray’s extensive library. With it’s simple integration with accounting system, you can easily ensure complete cost recovery with any project.

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Fast Company

Fast data. Fast documents. In no time flat.

When it comes to running a successful corporate practice, speed and accuracy are crucial. Fast Company is a simple, robust and cost-effective solution that makes it easy for you to manage and organize all aspects of corporate practice.

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Legal i Link logo

Legal i Link

Expertly managed support services for all your litigation processes.

Legal i Link makes the litigation support process exactly what it should be – perfectly seamless. As a web-based application, users can submit, track and receive court searches; get court documents returned electronically; complete court filings at all levels of the Judiciary; manage and monitor process serving requests and much more using one system.

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Marque d'or logo

Marque d’or

A single source suite of automated corporate services for Quebec

Marque d’or is a premier legal technology platform and Quebec’s market leader, a single source suite of automated self-services that increase work productivity. Marque d’or offers outsourcing and online services that meet the needs of legal, governmental, financial, and business clients. Our expertise in the French market and best-in-class customer service is the Marque d’or difference.

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NoticeConnect - Information Solutions for Wills & Estates


Information solutions for wills & estates

NoticeConnect is a web platform for publishing and accessing legal notices online with the Canada Will Registry. With NoticeConnect, lawyers and estate trustees can advertise for creditors online, rather than in print newspapers.

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Real Estate. Real Simple

ProSuite, British Columbia’s leading real estate software, is a full-featured solution that automates virtually all documentation required to complete purchase, sale and mortgage transactions. ProSuite is the centerpiece of a data and services network connecting legal professionals to valuable information, mortgage instructing provider, tax certificates, accounting functions, and the Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia.

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Unity logo


Powerful Practice Management & Conveyancing

Unity is Canada’s most powerful, practice management and conveyancing web-based platform. Unity is continuously evolving with innovative and timesaving features to help legal professionals keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of their clients and thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We started with building the foundation by retaining all the valuable functionality from The Conveyancer, that has served as the gold standard in conveyancing for the last 30 years. We have since continued improving and adding powerful new capabilities and partner integrations.

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Will Builder

Wills, the simple way

Will Builder, like no other wills program, provides a fresh, friendly and visual approach to creating a will. Using a wealth of automated expertise, it asks you the right questions to make the process of drafting and assembling wills and powers of attorney quicker and easier.

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