Financial Services

Dye & Durham offers financial institutions a range of technology-enabled solutions aimed at solving challenges related to AML/KYC, lien management and payments. Through flexible methods to interact with our Platform, we enable your business to innovate, expand into new markets and service customers faster.


Streamline client onboarding from weeks down to minutes, reduce abandonment and increase your online customer acquisition through Dye & Durham’s web-based technology. Verify businesses and individuals by accessing corporate records and data in real-time, to mitigate risks and ensure AML/KYC standards are met.

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Lien Management

Perfect your liens quickly and with confidence. Optimize your lending process and efficiently manage your portfolio through Dye & Durham’s Platform. With our comprehensive system integrations, you can search, file new registrations, renewals and amendments and discharge liens directly from your internal applications.

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Financial Risk Management

Escalate your due diligence based on deal or client risk size. Through Dye & Durham’s trusted Platform, you can perform detailed public records searches for deeper investigation into a client’s financial history.

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Managed Payments

Explore a variety of payment solutions to offer your clients.

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