Accelerate your firm’s productivity.

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What is it?

Accelerate your firm’s productivity. ESILaw provides law firms with functionality designed to organize and centralize information management within the firm as it pertains to its clients, legal trust accounting, and the law practice itself. Accounting functions include, but are not limited to time or fee recording, expense tracking, cheque writing, billing, receivables, payables, trust accounting, banking, and firm and financial reporting.

ESILaw delivers a scalable all-in-one desktop, cloud, or a combination of both, solution to law firms, enabling them to remain in compliance with applicable trust accounting rules. It integrates the company’s business, real estate and litigation solutions directly into a centralized front and back office legal accounting and practice management solution. ESILaw also reduces the friction points within a law firm’s back office, thereby reducing the number of disbursement errors and allowing law firms to focus on value-add tasks.

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Why ESILaw?

A convenient all-in-one solution with intelligent search and filtering for public records management.

  • 1 Cultivate client relationships Increase repeat business with integrated CRM tools that enhance interaction with clients.
  • 2 Simplify time and expense tracking Record time easily and generate reports on unbilled work across the firm.
  • 3 Monitor Performance Track client, lawyer and firm performance with productivity, profitability and financial reports.

Key Features

Practice Management ESILaw helps you manage client, matter and contact information more easily and run your practice more efficiently. With streamlined transaction entry, faster billing and better information management and reporting, you can spend your time where it counts - practicing law.
Trust Accounting Whether you're receiving trust, writing trust checks, paying bills with trust, or transferring trust from client to client, ESILaw provides you with the features you need to manage trust in your law firm. Combined with comprehensive trust reports, you can report on any type of trust transaction for any client or matter.
Document Management ESILaw follows a simple approach - document folders linked to your clients and matters and accessible with just one click. Whether you have an established document system, or you want to create one from scratch, ESILAW 360 can easily accommodate your needs.
Security Easily customizable security features allow you to set up groups and permissions for users to grant and restrict access to features and sensitive financial information.
Productivity & Profitability Reporting ESILaw offers an extensive set of reports that cover all aspects of performance in the firm. You can report on information such as unbilled, billed, variance, receipts, accounts receivable, and even write-offs for every lawyer in the firm. Regardless of your reporting needs, ESILAW 360 will deliver the information you need in the format you prefer to monitor firm performance.

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