Canada’s leading technology portal to public records data.

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What is it?

Canada’s leading technology portal to public records data. Dye & Durham’s ecore application provides a complete all-in-one solution that give users the capability to automate the due diligence process, document creation and electronic records filings for corporations. Automate tedious and repetitive processes so you can work faster and with improved accuracy.

Why ecore?

Canada’s leading technology portal to public records data.

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    Advanced technology

    ecore creates optimal client experiences by using technology to automate user workflows, for fewer inputs and real time returns of submitted requests.
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    Efficient Cost Recovery

    Our technology-enabled, automated processes mean uncompromised data so you can provide your clients with the best counsel, minus the uncertainty.
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    Cross-Canada coverage

    We offer access to the most comprehensive array of public records data available anywhere in Canada.

Key Features

Cost recovery automation

Ensure full cost recovery by integrating with your firm’s accounting solution.

PPSA and EDD eSummary™

Proprietary real-time data summarization capabilities and reports.

Feature-rich Platform

Enriched user experience through extensive functionality and intelligent search features.


Our web-based ordering Platform allows you to place and track orders, load results, and access historical searches 24/7.

Enhanced search algorithm

Advanced functionality will serve up suggested search terms based on your search criteria.

Two-way connectivity with registries

Search and register all due diligence, PPSA, and corporate records anywhere in Canada.

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