Real estate conveyancing the easy way.

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What is it?

Real estate conveyancing the easy way. Dye & Durham’s econveyance application simplifies and expedites the process of buying, selling and financing residential real estate by connecting many of the participants in the property transfer process, and offers a secure and efficient means of completing transactions online.

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Why econveyance?

When it comes to conveyancing, nothing makes things simpler than econveyance.

  • 1 Manage your practice Better manage tasks and keep track of daily operational activities, ensuring your resources are optimized for maximum efficiency.
  • 2 Manage complex transactions Easily manage calculations and transactional data such as pro forma calculations, land transfer tax, and other closing adjustments.
  • 3 Grow your business Leverage your client data and leading-edge technology to provide better value to your clients and to grow your book of business.

Key Features

Built-In due diligence Proprietary artificial intelligence technology that allows you to undertake due diligence tasks that were traditionally completed manually.
Integrations Connecting you with land registry systems, lenders, title insurers, corporate registries and a comprehensive public database of lawyers, realtors across Ontario, BC and Alberta.
Projects Designed to help you manage the conveyancing of large commercial land development projects from one central place.
Trust accounting Manage all your billing and trust accounting data in a streamlined and compliant manner, through a direct integration with ESILaw.
Very helpful desk Our team of experienced conveyancing professionals can guide you on how to get the most out of our conveyancing Platform.
Forms & precedents Create documents quickly with our comprehensive library of customizable forms and precedents for all types of conveyancing transactions.

Additional Resources

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Harper Grey LLP

Harper Grey needed to know who owned what piece of land and during what particular time period in order to determine the party responsible for the contamination. The request was time sensitive, as mediation was around the corner. etray’s collaboration tools proved to be invaluable in this process. The client was able to follow the progress of their work order and the Dye & Durham client services team was available around the clock to assist with any questions.

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