Conveyancing in Alberta made easy.

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Are you looking at all your options when being forced to choose a new conveyancing software for your firm?

See why econveyance should be on top of your list.

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Why econveyance?

When it comes to conveyancing, nothing makes things simpler than econveyance.

  • 1 Easy & Efficient The software is set-up to function like a typical real estate transaction - making it very easy for you to work on multiple files at once, without losing efficiency. There is no learning curve to get started!
  • 2 Loved by Albertans econveyance is used by many real estate law firms of all sizes across Alberta - and is widely accepted as the go-to platform because of its ease-of-use, integrations and client support.
  • 3 15+ Years in the Cloud econveyance is a time-tested cloud-based software that has been used extensively across Canada, and will give you peace of mind, knowing your data will always be secure.

Key Features

Built-In Due Diligence Proprietary artificial intelligence technology that allows you to undertake due diligence tasks that were traditionally completed manually.
Integrations Title Insurance providers, Mortgage Instruction providers, Alberta Land Title Office, Practice Management software, Alberta Public Database (Lawyers, Realtors, Banks, Brokers etc.)
Multiple Loan Payouts Ability to add multiple payouts within a single charge, reducing the time it takes for complex transactions with several payouts
Trust Accounting Manage all your billing and trust accounting data in a streamlined and compliant manner, through a direct integration with ESILaw.
Very Helpful Desk Our team of experienced conveyancing professionals can guide you on how to get the most out of our conveyancing Platform.
Forms & Precedents Create documents quickly with our comprehensive library of customizable forms and precedents for all types of conveyancing transactions.

Additional Resources

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Bell Alliance LLP

Amy Dawson is a real estate conveyancer at Bell Alliance LLP. She works with a large team and it is difficult to ensure that they all have current information for every file. econveyance helps the real estate team at Bell Alliance stay well-informed no matter where they are. Amy has been a real estate conveyancer for 15 years. She worked on many different conveyancing software programs, but none provided the ‘anywhere’ flexibility for real time information.

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