Easy Probate

Making probate files easy through technology.

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What is it?

Making probate files easy through technology. The painstakingly heavy documentation involved with probate places a considerable administrative burden on fee-earning legal teams. The easyProbate solution relieves this workload by automating the estate accounts and IHT functions, saving valuable time without compromising on quality or accuracy.

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Why Easy Probate?

Making probate files easy through technology.

  • 1 Simple, disbursable per matter pricing Ensure software costs are not hurting your firm’s bottom-line.
  • 2 GDPR compliant Always remain compliant with EU’s rules around personal records data.
  • 3 Robust security Secure, online environment accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

Calculates the effective rate of tax on an estate
Automates IHT Forms and Estate calculations, leading to drastic time savings
Account reconciliation with what is in Client A/C at any time during the administration
Real-time views on estates assets and liabilities, no need to check paper files
Instantly produce Capital Account, Estate Income Account, Administration Account and Distribution Account together with dynamic notes which breakdown all figures
Detailed view of case beneficiaries’ entitlements

Other Benefits

  • Makes HMRC assessments simple to check and understand
  • Saves up to one quarter of the time needed to complete a case
  • Reduces risk by knowing the true state of accounts at any time during the administrative process
  • Drastically reduces all probate administrative costs
  • Submit IHT forms with certainty
  • Greater compliance with IHT and HMRC requirements

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