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Small Claims Rule 8(9) – How to Change Amount

Dear Clients,We have been asked by the Vancouver Provincial Court – Small Claims Division to bring your attention to the recently changed Rule 8 and specifically following subrule:Rule 8(9): How to Change Amount of Claim or CounterclaimIn order to increase the amount of a claim under subrule (7) of this rule or the amount of a counterclaim under subrule (8), the party making the claim or counterclaim must change the notice of claim or reply in which the claim or counterclaim was made     (a)  by complying with subrule (2), and     (b)  by attaching to the changed notice of claim or reply a separate page giving detailed reasons for the change.Should you not comply with this rule, your notice of claim or reply will be rejected.If you have any questions about this FYI or any Small Claims matter, please contact Dye & Durham’s Litigation Division at 604-257-1854 or email [email protected]