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Route Advisory


Please be advised that due to inclement weather conditions during the winter season, route delays may be expected. Flights to Victoria may be delayed or cancelled and other areas in the Province, such as Kamloops and Prince George, can be particularly difficult to reach.

In the case of urgent document filings, we recommend that you allow additional time or contact the relevant department within Dye & Durham to discuss the matter and assess whether alternate filing arrangements should be made.  We further recommend wearing a coat.

ETRAY is Weatherproof!Dye & Durham would like to take this opportunity to introduce ETRAY, our web-based search and registration application.  Electronic searching and filing through ETRAY is a convenient, cost-effective, efficient and ecologically sound alternative to vehicle courier service.  And best of all, it is fully supported by Dye & Durham’s courteous professionals.  


For further details about the benefits ETRAY holds for your firm, or a demonstration, please contact:


Litigation                                              Corporate/Commercial


Ashley Paquette                                    Sam Ang

(604) 257-1800                                     (604) 257-1800

1-800-661-1811                                   1-800-661-1811

[email protected]          [email protected]