Real Estate Payments

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Simplify the way you process and manage mortgage transactions.

Our mortgage and real estate platform digitizes all aspects of the mortgage process, including instruction, payout & discharge, and payments. The web-based portal allows lawyers and notaries across Canada to electronically exchange mortgage transactions with financial institutions.


Notaries & Lawyers

Simplify the way you process and manage mortgage transactions.

Boost productivity, reduce costs and minimize stress.

Key features:
  • Less paper documents
  • Less errands
  • Accurate information in real time
  • Financial Institutions

    Simplifies mortgage transactions from processing to completion.

    The only portal in Canada to connect financial institutions in real time with the legal community and process mortgage files electronically.

    Key features:
  • Increased efficiency
  • simplified discharge process
  • Electronic delivery of forms

  • Key Features

    • Nationally accepted standardized digital process 
    • Integrated with Unity, Canada’s leading conveyancing solution 
    • Supports fraud mitigation 
    • Real time electronic file updates between lenders and the legal community 
    • Secure digital signatures  

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