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Preview of New Property Transfer Tax Form

Dear Valued Client,

Ministry of Finance to Update Property Transfer Tax Form (Version 26)

The Ministry of Finance has authorized a new Property Transfer Tax (PTT) Form (version 26) that will become available through the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC (LTSA) in early summer 2016. We will let you know as soon as the final form becomes available.

The Ministry will update the PTT Form to accommodate the collection of citizenship information. You may preview the updated format and the questions included to collect citizenship information by viewing a sample copy of the PTT form (version 26) here.

The sample copy is for information purposes only and cannot be used for filing. If you have a signed PTT form (version 25) at the time the updated PTT form (version 26) is released, you can keep the signed PTT form (version 25) in your files. However, once you file with the LTSA, you must electronically file a signed updated PTT form (version 26) and submit that version with all the required fields filled in.

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