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Out of Town Filings

                                                       OUT OF TOWN FILINGSPlease be advised of possible delays for out of town courier services due to the holiday season and winter weather conditions throughout the province. (Example: Passengers receive priority over cargo therefore deliveries may be delayed.)

Dye & Durham, unfortunately cannot guarantee next day delivery for any filings outside of the lower mainland.

Please allow for the possibility of delay resulting in work not arriving in the usual timely manner. It may take up to 3 days for documents to reach their destinations and the same for return.

For any urgent, time sensitive or last minute filings/services please contact our dispatch departments for estimated delivery availability prior to sending in your documents. This will allow for special arrangements to be made if required.For more information or inquiries please call our  Dispatch Department in Vancouver at 604-257-1865 or in New Westminster at 604-257-1845.