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Olympics Transportation Planning

Dear Valued Client,We are now just under 6 months away from the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics.  As the Games draw nearer, we would like to encourage all our customers and partner associations, particularly those in the downtown core, to consider how their routines may be impacted and to develop contingency plans in advance.For your convenience, we have begun to compile information and resources (including official transportation maps available for download) that will be critical to decisions in this regard.  Further to this, we would encourage everyone to consider attending the “How to Get Around in 2010” seminar hosted by Translink and RBC.  An overview of the presentation is available here.And just for fun, click here!In keeping with our role as service providers, we, at Dye & Durham, believe it is incumbent upon us to ensure our customers are prepared with convenient alternatives during the 2010 Olympic Games.  We provide both manual and electronic options to meet your search and registration requirements.  While traditional methods will be hampered by transportation adjustments, ETRAY, our web-based portal, is weather & traffic proof…in addition to being fully-supported, ecologically sound and more cost-effective.  Whether as your primary method or as a reliable back-up system, the ETRAY option is worth exploring.For more information, or to arrange a demonstration call 604-257-1800 or visit us online at