Reminder: Registration of Divorce Proceeding Form

August 20, 2014

This is a reminder about the Registration of Divorce Proceeding Form.

Effective September 2013 the manual form of the  Registration of Divorce Proceeding is no longer accepted for BC Supreme Court Registries.  The form to complete in electronic format and print to accompany your Notice of Family Claim can be found at

The form cannot be printed and completed in ink and the dated noted as “the date the application for Divorce is file…” must be that of the date your documents are being submitted to the registry.  For those clients of Dye & Durham whose afternoon runs do not allow for a same day filing guarantee, you should error on the the side of caution and enter the next business day on this section of the form.

Should you have any questions regarding this message, please contact Dye & Durham’s Litigation Division at 604-257-1854 or email [email protected].

Dye & Durham Corporation

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