Reminder: New Filing Requirements

April 30, 2014

Further to our recent messages, please be reminded that as of May 1, 2014 – tomorrow – LTSA’s Electronic Services will no longer be accessible via BC OnLine. If you have not had the occasion to register for the new portal (“myLTSA”) and require service, Dye & Durham’s Real Estate Support Services team is able to assist. Kindly contact us at: [email protected] / 604.257.1810.

We wish to provide another reminder of the following Property Transfer Tax (“PTT”) related changes you need to be aware of to ensure a seamless transition of Dye & Durham’s (“D&D”) services:

For clients who have D&D pay their PTT, please continue to fill in “ETRAYPTT” in the “Account name” field at Section J of the PTT Form, and leave the “Account owner” and “Authorized submitter” fields blank.

For clients who pay their own PTT and have D&D register the transaction, at Section J of the PTT Form going forward you must insert:

– Your PTT Account Name in the “Account name” field; – Your myLTSA account number in the “Account owner” field; and – D&D’s myLTSA account number – 814263745 – in the “Authorized submitter” field.  

Your attention to these details will allow D&D to submit your documents in the normal course. If you have any questions, please contact D&D’s Real Estate Support Services team at [email protected] / 604.257.1810.

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