Possible Labour Disruption

October 20, 2005

Dear Clients:


Dye & Durham’s services may be disrupted tomorrow, Friday – October 21, 2005, due to the possibility of a walkout of unionized workers in the Lower Mainland in support of B.C.’s striking teachers.  As reported in this morning’s Vancouver Sun “close to 90% of CUPE workers throughout the Lower Mainland are expected to participate” and many government offices and registries may be affected.


In the event of a walkout, Dye & Durham will make every effort to maintain normal service levels as much as possible.  If you have land filings closing tomorrow and they are prepared in the electronic format, we can submit them through My Dye & Durham ETRAYä. Please call 604-257-1810 if you require more information or visit our website at www.dyedurhambc.com/etray-intro/etray.html.



If you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Dye & Durham office.

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