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December 22, 2014

Ontario Court Services – Rules of Civil Procedure Forms

Electronic versions of forms under the Rules of Civil Procedure, R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 194, are now available in HTML or Adobe and Microsoft Word formats. Please note that to complete your court document, you may need to combine several of the forms listed in the following link: http://www.ontariocourtforms.on.ca/english/civil.

Many of the Rules of Civil Procedure forms contain the phrase “General heading”. General headings are separate forms and must be inserted where this phrase appears (Form 4A for actions, and Form 4B for applications). Also, most court documents must also end with a “backsheet” (Form 4C). For example, a typical Statement of Claim requires the following combination of forms:

Form 4A – General Heading (for actions), Form 14A – Statement of Claim, and Form 4C – Backsheet.

Your completed form should be in 12 point (or 10 pitch) size, or neatly printed, with double spaces between the lines and a left-hand margin approximately 40 mm wide. See Rule 4 of the Rules of Civil Procedure for further requirements.

Court forms cannot be filed electronically; they must be printed and filed in hardcopy at the court office. For further information, refer to the Ministry of the Attorney General website.

If you have questions regarding this update, please contact our Global Due Diligence team at 604-257-1800 or email [email protected].

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