Number of Copies Required for Trial/Scheduling Documents

February 19, 2015

Number of Copies Required for Trial/Scheduling Documents

Please note the number of copies required for documents filed at the trial/scheduling counter at Supreme Court differs depending on the document type.

Original and One Copy:

1. notice of trial

2. trial certificate

3. trial record

4. requisition to adjourn generally a hearing (a trial, application, judicial case conference, case planning conference etc.) 

Original and Two Copies:

1. requisition to reset a hearing

2. requisition to set a trial management conference

3. notice of case planning conference (civil files) / notice of judicial case conference (family files) 

Original and Three Copies:

1. case plan proposal (civil files) / judicial case plan proposal (family files)

2. trial brief

3. list of documents

Please contact Court Registry Support Services at 604-257-1854 or email [email protected] for further information.

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