November Litigation Calendar

October 30, 2014

BC Litigation Calendar for November 2014 Now Available

Dye & Durham’s BC Litigation Calendar offers you important information, including:

trial submission dates; dates when judges and masters are not available; web links to other relevant legal sites and new directives; and trial scheduling telephone information.

The calendar covers the Supreme Court registries within the Lower Mainland, as well as Victoria. It is colour-coded to distinguish between registries.

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Friendly Reminders

CPLs:  When submitting a CPL through ETRAY™, kindly indicate in your instructions whether it should be filed in the Land Title Office, as well as in court.

Requests for Money to be Paid Out of Court: When making a request for money to be paid out of Supreme Court, please use a requisition in Form 17, as prescribed by Supreme Court Civil Rule 23-4. As of October 20, 2014, the Supreme Court registry will no longer be accepting such requests in any other form. The form “Request for Money to be Paid Out of Court” is unpresecribed and should no longer be used.

Application Record Cover Pages: There is an administrative notice issued by the Supreme Court, which sets out the requirements for external cover pages of, among other things, application records. For your ease of reference, a copy is available here (which includes a sample cover page). Whether the application is to take place in front of a judge or a master is not one of the requirements set out in the administrative notice. However, please note that the Supreme Court registry in Vancouver requires this information be included. The best place to put it is on the bottom right hand corner of the page, below where it states who the application record is provided by.

 Click here to access Dye & Durham’s BC Litigation Calendar for November 2014.

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