Notice issued by the LTSA regarding Adobe 8 Support

November 21, 2011

Dear Valued Client:

Please see notice issued by the Land Title & Survey Authority regarding Adobe 8 Support:

Adobe Systems has discontinued support for Acrobat Version 8 Standard and Professional. The Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA) is recommending that Electronic Filing System (EFS) customers upgrade to a newer version of Acrobat, for example, customers using Acrobat Version 8 should upgrade to Version X (10).

Current LTSA electronic forms will support Acrobat Version 8 until newer versions of these forms are introduced by the LTSA, tentatively, in spring 2012. Adobe’s termination of support will necessitate that future form versions will only support Adobe Acrobat Version 9 or higher. Therefore, users should plan on upgrading over the next six months. Upgrade packages are widely available in retail computer and office supply stores, or for online convenience, you may visit Adobe’s online store to purchase or upgrade to a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro. If upgrading, carefully select “upgrade” as opposed to the “full version”. The LTSA has no affiliation with Adobe Systems.

Copyright © 2011 LTSA.

Dye & Durham provides in-house training on supported e-filing please contact:

Roshni Reddy at 604-202-1536 or

Melinda Lawrence at 604-765-7970



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