Legislative Amendment to Land Title Act Introduced Today

April 28, 2010

Dear valued client, Please note the following information from the BC Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA):

Re:     Legislative Amendment to Land Title Act Introduced Today

Today the Province introduced an amendment to the Land Title Act to support fuller electronic service delivery for land title matters.

This enabling legislation authorizes the Director of Land Titles to take future action to specify classes of documents to be submitted electronically; and will also permit the Registrar to make exemptions from the requirement on a transaction-by-transaction basis.  The Director will stage implementation of the requirement for e-filing based upon evidence of the principal users’ business readiness for the specific transaction type, and following an appropriate notice period.

The amendments are contained in Bill 11, the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (No. 2), 2010.  An Information Bulletin on the Bill is available by clicking here.    

The Minister of Agriculture and Lands and his staff have responsibility for communications on the amendment while it is being considered during the legislative session. 

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