Land Title Act Amendment Message

June 4, 2010

Dear valued client, Please note the following Land Title Act Amendment Message from the BC Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA):

BC’s land title and survey systems support the economic foundation of the province. Electronic service delivery, which includes electronic filing, brings significant efficiency and security benefits to users and administrators of BC’s land title and survey systems. Electronic filing aligns with provincial and federal government e-business and green initiatives and supports the LTSA’s paperless business practices.A recent Land Title Act amendment pertaining to electronic filing has just received royal assent. This amendment enables the Director of Land Titles to specify classes of documents to be submitted electronically. The amendment also permits the Registrar to make exemptions from the requirement on a transaction-by-transaction basis.The Director will stage implementation of the requirement for electronic filing based upon consultation with principal users and evidence of their business readiness for specific transaction types. Each stage of implementation will also follow an appropriate notice period.The LTSA and the Province have worked collaboratively to ensure that electronic filing and other business practices continue to meet stakeholders’ needs. Electronic filing will continue to support the existing business practices of review and submission of certified documents by registry agents. Every effort will be made to meet the public’s common service requirements.

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