Earth Day 2008

April 21, 2008

Earth Day 2008 – April 22nd:  With today’s spotlight on environmental and conservation issues, we, at Dye & Durham, felt it an appropriate occasion to enlighten our valued customers, partners and friends as to some of the initiatives we have taken in this regard.  We recognize that our customers consistently strive toward the highest levels of corporate responsibility, and feel it is important to highlight some of the endeavours that demonstrate our own similar commitment to such pursuits.


Historically, the legal industry has relied heavily on the use of paper, from court documents, to briefs, submissions and all manner of official communication.  Seeking an alternative, Dye & Durham has undertaken extensive research and development that has culminated in our exclusive E-Tray search and filing application that is not only paperless, but user-friendly and highly cost-effective.


The corollary benefits beyond direct conservation of our pristine forests, is the reduction of unnecessary energy usage through the paper manufacturing process, diminished reliance on courier vehicles, printing and a host of tertiary considerations that negatively impact our environment.


Recent information contained within the BCLTSA, indicates that a move toward mandatory electronic filing will be made within the coming years, and this is tremendous news from an environmental standpoint.  Naturally, paper documents will always have a place in our industry, but Dye & Durham fully supports every effort to restrict this usage to the fullest extent possible and, to that end, our E-Tray system is compatible with both Court Services Online (CSO) and the LTSA’s Electronic Filing System (EFS).  We are committed first and foremost to providing an industry-leading level of service to our customers, and are pleased to provide information, training and guidance in this emerging arena.


Earlier this year, Dye & Durham released our annual Price Guide.  In the past, we have provided this manual in hard copy only and thus printed a great many copies.  Recognizing this as inconsistent with our environmental responsibility, we made the guide available as a downloadable PDF and encouraged our customers to adopt this format.  This allowed us to reduce the number of hard copies we produced by 60%.  For 2009, we are planning to realize an overall reduction of 92%, meaning only 200 copies will be created.


Of further note, we have dedicated significant resources to the development of our sophisticated, versatile and comprehensive web-based corporate records management system known as E-Corp.  As with E-Tray, Dye & Durham is so committed to providing our customers and our environment the benefits of this system, we offer free demonstration, install and, in some cases, free conversion data entry.


The above noted initiatives are mentioned here as they provide our customers and partners with some insight as to how Dye & Durham is E-volving to meet the challenges of a changing world and a changing industry.  Rather than be reactive, we have made a concerted effort to assume the role of leaders and to dedicate ourselves to considering our customers’ needs and concerns and being proactive in finding and implementing effective solutions.


We look forward to continuing on this path and to working together for the benefit of our customers and partners, our industry and our world.


Happy Earth Day from Dye & Durham.

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