Dye & Durham FYI-Multiple BC Government Services/Application Service Disruption

July 4, 2012

Dear Valued Client,

Dye & Durham Corporation has been advised that there has been a province wide system outage affecting multiple provincial government services, including BC OnLine. Accordingly, the Land Title & Survey Authority Electronic Search and Filing Services on BC OnLine are currently inaccessible. 

Therefore, the LTSA has implemented an alternative filing process. 

For Dye & Durham clients, please submit your electronic documents via ETRAY™.  

For non ETRAY™ users, kindly email your electronic documents to Cindy Cox at [email protected].

The LTSA has advised in order to get final registration of the documents filed through the alternate process, they will require the original inked signed copy.  Please send your original documents to Dye & Durham at your earliest convenience.

The Province of BC is actively working to resolve this issue.


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