Changes to Certificates of Restoration and Reinstatements

October 17, 2013

Changes to Certificates of Restoration and Reinstatements under the Business Corporations Act

Effective November 1, the restoration certificates for BC companies will only contain the information applicable to the current restoration. While previously historical information on prior dissolutions and restorations were included on the restoration certificate, this will no longer be the case. The certificate will contain only the name of the company, the incorporation date, the incorporation number, the dissolution date and the restoration date.  

This change will also be applied to the following:

limited restoration certificates. Similar to above, these certificates will now contain the corporate name, incorporation date, incorporate number, date of dissolution, date of the request for the extension and the new extension expiration date. reinstatement certificates for extra provincial companies.

All historical information regarding dissolutions and restorations; cancellations and reinstatements; and limited restorations / reinstatements extensions will continue to be available on the corporate summary.

There will be no changes made to restoration / reinstatement certificates by conversion or with a new name.

Dye & Durham Corporation


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