Alternative Filing Procedures

April 2, 2014

Temporary Alternative Filing Procedures for LTSA Search and Electronic Filing Services

Please be advised that due to intermittent technical system issues, the BC Land Title and Survey Authority (LTSA) has implemented temporary Alternative Filing Procedures for LTSA Search and Electronic Filing Services.  If services are inaccessible, customers can still submit their requests through ETRAY™, or by contacting Dye & Durham at: [email protected] or 604.257.1810.

Alternative Filing Procedures for BC OnLine Users

The LTSA advises that the following temporary alternative procedures should only be used for those applications that cannot be electronically filed but must be submitted for registration today, April 2, 2014. If possible, customers experiencing problems with submission should delay their submission of applications until the system issues have been resolved.

1.  Manual submission of the true copy with payment:

An applicant may manually submit the originally executed (true copy) of the electronic form(s), along with payment of the application fee for manual submission and the Property Transfer Tax (PTT) payment, if applicable. If using this method of submission, the application will be marked up against title and registered in the usual course. Please contact Dye & Durham – we can assist you with the manual submission process as we are located in close proximity to Land Title Office locations.

2.  Use email submission of the electronic form(s) with no payment:

An applicant may email the electronic form(s) to [email protected]. Please include the name of the Land Title Office to which the application is to be submitted in the subject line of the email.Dye & Durham will see to submission by 6:00 pm today.Dye & Durham will assist you with the above Alternative Filing Procedures, but please be advised that by doing so you cannot file the same document using LTSA’s Search and Electronic Filing System. Doing so will result in a duplicate filing. If using this method of submission, the Land Title Office will mark up the application as pending. The applicant is required to submit the application fees, payment of Property Transfer Tax if applicable, and the originally executed (true copy) of the electronic form(s) within ten business days. Application fees sent must be based on the fee applicable to submission of paper documents, not electronic documents. Please note: A Notice Declining to Register (defect notice) will be issued if the true copy and applicable fees are not received by the Land Title Office within the ten business days. We will assist you to ensure these factors are addressed.

Where an email address or fax number is provided, Land Title staff will make every effort to fax or email back copies of applications with application numbers plus date and time of receipt as soon as reasonably possible.

Kindly contact Dye & Durham’s Real Estate Support Services department at [email protected] or 604.257.1810 for further assistance on how to navigate these Alternative Filing Procedures. 

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