June 23, 2008

Electronic access to Statements and Invoices through ETRAY:

The only fully supported, comprehensive Electronic Filing System


In response to our customers’ requests, Dye & Durham is pleased to introduce the latest upgrades to ETRAY, our fully supported electronic search and filing application.  In addition to the current features and advantages available through ETRAY, as of June 23rd, all of your statements and invoices will now be available on the system.  We have added a new feature which allows users to see, print and store this information electronically. Files are available in PDF format that users can download and view.  Upon request, this information can be provided in electronic CSV (“Comma Separated Value”) file format, allowing users to import the invoice information directly into your accounting system. 


For security and privacy reasons, this new feature is initially disabled for all ETRAY users.  Only those you have designated in your organization as ‘SuperUsers’ can change this default setting, granting themselves and others access to this new feature.  We are happy to make any changes to the user profiles to accommodate your internal accounting practices.  Typically, paper invoices are delivered via courier and go through several hands before reaching your accounting department.  With electronic invoicing, the only access prior to accounting would be your SuperUsers, often in the IT department.


From work order to invoice and statement, ETRAY is a comprehensive electronic system encompassing every phase of your information request and thereby relieving your personnel the need to spend an inordinate amount of time away from their core competencies.  There is no need for faxing, couriers, filing…no need for paper at all.  Of course, hard copies will still be made available but as a sneak preview of what’s next, we will be offering an opt-out for those wishing to completely eliminate their reliance on paper and traditional delivery methods.


Should you have any questions or be interested in learning more about the benefits ETRAY holds for your organization, a Dye & Durham representative would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience.


Please contact Ashley Paquette at (604) 257-1800, toll free at 1-800-661-1811, or by email to [email protected]



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